Santa Barbara rests: Neymar’s mother broke up with her young boyfriend when she learned that he had met her son’s cook



Nadine Goncalves / Thiago Ramos

Two weeks ago, Nadine Goncalves, 52, the mother of famous Brazilian footballer Neymar, spoke publicly about the case with 22-year-old model and e-sport star Tiago Ramos. She posted a frame with him on Instagram and romantically signed it in the minds of bloggers who love philosophical thoughts, that “the inexplicable cannot be understood if a person experiences it.” However, the couple’s relationship did not last long – the romance and philosophy were powerless over former boyfriend Nadine. According to The Sun, Nadine discovered that Tiago had already met men and expelled him from the house.

According to media reports, Ramos had novels with men before his relationship with Nadine, and not at the time, that is to say that he had apparently not changed her, but this fact was always hidden from him. It’s hard to say what upset the athlete’s mother – the boyfriend’s lies or his sexual orientation – but she couldn’t continue the relationship with him after that.

According to a Brazilian journalist, the Nadine family insisted on severing relations with Tiago (we don’t know if Neymar advised mom to abandon her boyfriend), so they told him to pack everything immediately. Judging from the latest Ramos publications, he returned home to Brazil.

Thiago Ramos

By the way, the names of Tiago’s former lovers are known. According to rumors, he met personal chef Neymar Mauro, as well as Brazilian humorist Carlinios Maya.

With her ex-husband and father Neymar Neymar Santos Nadine divorced in 2016 – they lived in marriage 25 years. However, they seemed to remain friends – he commented on the frame with his new boyfriend with smiles of applause. By the way, Neymar himself first approved of his mother’s new relationship, and under his photo with Tiago wished him happiness and confessed his love.

Nadine Goncalves Neymar and Thiago Ramos

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