SAP says Attorney General has no right to instruct them



SAP says Attorney General has no right to instruct them

SAP says Attorney General has no right to instruct them

Open letter

05/26/2020 23:34


The public prosecutor does not have the right to give instructions to the prosecutors of the specialized anti-corruption prosecution concerning the exercise of their powers.

This is stated in an open letter from the prosecutors of the SAP, published in response to a statement by the Attorney General, Irina Venediktova, about their inaction.

“The Attorney General, his first deputy and his deputies do not have the right to instruct SAP prosecutors and take actions that relate directly to the exercise by SAP prosecutors of their powers. Therefore, it is not clear what powers the Attorney General used to verify the status of the organization of the preliminary inquiry in the criminal proceedings under investigation. NABU, and what the rules of the law allow to assess such production “, indicates the letter.

Prosecutors of the SAP strongly disagree with the Attorney General’s statement regarding their inactivity, lack of work results and violation of reasonable conditions in criminal trials.

The department noted that the criminal proceedings, in which, as Venediktova pointed out, the suspicions were reported 2 to 4 years ago and the investigation was not completed, “they inherited from the office of the prosecutor general before the reform. ” Therefore, according to the SAP, it is appropriate to ask the prosecutors who currently work in the Office of the Attorney General why these cases have not been brought to court for so long.

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According to the SAP, it is impossible in six months to “strew all the i’s in criminal trials that have been in other preliminary investigation bodies for five years or more”.

The open letter also refutes the statements of the Attorney General regarding the procedural shortcomings of the prosecutors of the SAP in a number of procedures.

At the same time, the prosecutors of the SAP asked the public prosecutor to help them fulfill the obligation to submit to the ERDR information concerning the commission by the deputy of a criminal offense which caused the state several millions losses. The prosecution indicates that the relevant documents were sent three months ago. In addition, the SAP asked to create an international investigation team to investigate the facts of illegal movements of counterfeit tobacco products across the state border and their subsequent sale in the territory of the countries of the EU, which would have been refused earlier, despite the petition of the representatives of Romania and Italy via Eurojust and NABU.

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As noted, Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova announced the inaction of the specialized anti-corruption prosecution and stressed that this requires an immediate response.

According to the Attorney General, a study of the state of the organization of the investigation into criminal proceedings reveals numerous violations and poor performance of official duties by the management and prosecutors of the EPS.

She informed that in a number of relevant and resounding procedures, in which senior officials had been informed of suspicions several years ago, the investigation had not yet been completed, the authors had not been brought to justice justice, the millions of dollars in losses had not been compensated.

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