SBU and the Attorney General’s Office prepare suspicions for activist Sergei Sternenko



Volunteer Roman Sinitsin said that by the end of this week, Sternenko could be closed in prison.

Sergey Sternenko
Sergey Sternenko. Stock Photo –

It is reported by the “NPF” referring to Facebook Roman Sinitsin:

“According to my information, the SBU and the UCP are preparing a suspicion for Sergei Sternenko under art. 115 of the Criminal Code, that is, intentional murder. “

The volunteer added that the suspicions should be released before May 15, but the detention will probably take place before the end of this week:

“They will put back the suspicions, they will close them in a pre-trial detention center without the right to promise. My sources say that this is a political agreement with the “fish”. They promised Bakanov something because he agreed to “continue the lawlessness”.

Well, as for citizen Venediktova, everything is clear here, she wanted to put Sternenko on the threshold of her office. “

It should be noted that this information has already been the subject of a reaction. Ultras FC Dynamo Kiev. Football fans have said that if Sergei Sternenko is closed in prison, they will go out for mass protests.

Recall, earlier Sternenko said that Venediktova wanted to put it at all costs.



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