SBU attack: Chief Poton detained for 60 days



SBU attack: Chief Poton detained for 60 days

SBU attack: Chief Poton detained for 60 days

06.06.2020 18:41


The Kiev district court in Kharkov chose a detention order in the form of a 60-day detention for the head of Poton Pavel Onishchenko, who is suspected of having attacked SBU officers in a forest in the territory of Krasnokutsky district.

This was reported by the Ukrinform correspondent.

According to the investigators, Onishchenko and 4 other members of his organization, realizing that they were facing police officers who were carrying out their duties, pursued them, damaged the car, shot and threatened.

Chief Poton’s defense in court insisted that Onishchenko was unaware that the SBU officers in the car, since they had not appeared, were dressed, masked and that the car was a civilian.

“No one lowered the window and said there were SBU employees. Documents confirming that they exercised their professional functions there or indicating that they had received instructions for certain actions are not on file. This is not even confirmed by their testimony, nothing is known of what they did there, “said the lawyer.

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Onishchenko himself at a hearing confirmed that he had cut the tires of a car and fired a shot. “They tried to knock me down, hit me. I then took a knife to stop. Yes, I hit the wheels. I did not know they were law enforcement officers. I shot in the drab trunk window, not in the passenger compartment. This blow stopped them. They came as masked bandits with a drone, “said the suspect.

He also insisted that the people in the car point weapons at him.

Onishchenko insists that he is persecuted for his public activities and the allegations of police corruption.

The meeting is now considering a preventive measure against another active participant in Poton – Nikolai Maslov.

As Ukrinform reported, on June 3, in a district of Krasnokutsky, a car with law enforcement officers who were there on business was surrounded by citizens who called themselves settlers of the Slobozhansky Sich. Men with sticks, axes and weapons threatened law enforcement officials, cut their car wheels and smashed the windshield, and also fired a shot in the side window.

Five people between the ages of 34 and 42 were arrested. Suspicions have been reported to them.

Information on the fact of the offense was recorded in the ERDR under part 1 of article 345 (threat or violence against a police officer) and according to art. 348 (encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer, member of a public body for the protection of public order and the state border or of a soldier) of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.

A meeting takes place during which a preventive measure against another active participant of Poton, Nikolai Maslov, is considered.

In Kharkov, the Poton organization is known for its raids on pharmacies selling over-the-counter drugs and the so-called bulk drinks. Recently activists also covered the subject of illegal logging. The head of the organization, Pavel Onishchenko, is a former civil servant from the Moscow regional department.

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