SBU “covered” a neo-Nazi gang: it became clear that Russia was involved in the activities of this organized criminal group



The special forces alpha SBU carried out an operation to neutralize the neo-Nazi organized criminal groups in Kiev and Kharkov.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Neo-Nazi organized crime groups arrested.
Special operation “Alpha” to arrest a gang of neo-Nazis in Ukraine. Photo:

The bandits were arrested. The criminal group was led by a Russian citizen.

During the arrest, Nazi symbols and extremist literature were seized from the criminals. It was discovered that printed materials were produced in an underground printing plant in Kharkov and that some materials were delivered to criminals in the Russian Federation.

They found and seized, including military weapons, cartridges, fuse grenades, as well as computers with passwords for Internet communities, among which the distribution of prohibited materials was carried out.

Currently, the investigating authorities are in the process of resolving the criminal prosecution of these people.

Now, an investigation is underway concerning the arrested supporters of neo-Nazism, the question of bringing these persons to criminal responsibility is being resolved.

Earlier, it was reported that the Putin team was planning a murder.



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