SBU opened criminal proceedings against Maxim Stepanov



Criminal proceedings are opened under article 113 of the Criminal Code, said the people’s deputy of the Voice faction of Alexander Ustinov. It was she who initiated the proceedings against the head of the Ministry of Health.

Maxim Stepanov
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About this “MFN” report, referring to Facebook– Ustinova page.

“Today, with the help of the court, it has been possible to force the SBU to initiate criminal proceedings against the Minister of Health. The case was brought under art. 113 of the Criminal Code – that is, for sabotage against the country. “

As Ustinova added, this article provides for responsibility for “… .. actions aimed at the special destruction of persons …….”:

“The number of doctors who died while the health ministry stole the money allocated to protect them is exactly the same sabotage against the country and against doctors, in particular.

The people’s deputy noted that during a direct appeal to the SBU, she had been refused to initiate proceedings against Stepanov, so she had to appear in court.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the SBU had reported suspicions to two representatives of the Russian special services.



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