Schoolgirls build robots to counter COVID-19


The best recognized robot for disinfection of doctors suit

Technocrewers, mechanical ventilation and cleaners: Ukrainian school children created robot concepts to counter COVID-19

One of the creators of the online educational project STEM is the head of Fame GamingTech, Sapper Karyagdev, during the educational module about the achievements of Ukrainian schoolgirls in robotics competition. His ideas are couriers, personal assistants, diagnostists, cleaners, and robots rather than mechanical ventilation devices (IVLs).

In total, 30 senior students from across Ukraine participated in the robot concepts competition that will help in the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. The concepts were created in the Lego Digital Designer Program. Also, the girls gave video presentations to the jury, in which contestants talked about their ideas.

The winner, Maria Shacharaban, has developed a robot that will disinfect the doctor’s suit before removing it so that it is safe for disposal. In addition, the robot can disinfect rooms after patients so that a person is not exposed to the infected room.

“Among the interesting tasks that have yet to be resolved – a system for identifying people and campuses; Solving the robot’s self-processing problem to eliminate the need for a workmate, which reduces the cost of the project, ”said Elena Savininskaya, coordinator of First Lego League instructors at Inventor Stem School, who won the idea.

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Recall, scientists at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne have developed a unique application that can diagnose coronovirus by coughing up a user.

One of the scientists, Thomas Teziero, said the application was inspired by doctors’ reports that patients with COVID-19 developed a cough with a characteristic sound – eventually with a chirping breath – which differed from other diseases. was.

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