Scientists have discovered that it is a harbinger of COVID-19’s death



Italian doctors at the University of Verona, along with their colleagues in the United States, have conducted numerous studies and have come to the conclusion that one of the main factors affecting the course of the disease in people infected with COVID -19 is the number of platelets.

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COVID-19 death can be predicted.
Coronavirus death can be predicted in advance. Photo:

The lower the platelet count in the patients’ blood, the more tragic the result.

In medicine, this indicator is often used as a marker, on the basis of which the patient’s condition is assessed and a decision is made on other actions.

A study of the history of 1779 patients in Italy, including 399 people in serious condition, showed that before death in critically ill patients, the level of platelets in the blood had dropped sharply.

It is known that platelets affect the preservation of blood in a liquid state, the stopping of blood in the event of injury and the dissolution of blood clots.

A decrease in the number of platelets leads to a sharp deterioration in the functioning of the whole organism.

Thus, according to scientists, the platelet count in the blood can be used as a marker for the potential threat of worsening the course of COVID-19 disease and the possible death of the patient.

Earlier, it was reported that after the appearance of an unusual sign in the sky over Italy, the coronavirus in the country began to decline.



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