Scientists turned to president over cut in NASU funding



Scientists turned to president over cut in NASU funding

The reduction in funding for the National Academy of Sciences will destroy the university sphere in Ukraine and widen the technological gap with other states.

This was pointed out by NASU scientists in an open letter to the president, posted on Facebook.

“We, the members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, fully understand the urgent challenges of the country, the importance of concentrating financial resources to take effective measures to prevent the negative consequences of the spread of infection COVID-19 coronavirus and maintain economic activity in this difficult time for all of us, however governments’ intentions to “save” funds on the scientific activities of the NAS of Ukraine this time will lead to the threat of complete destruction of the sphere of academic science of the state and the deepening of the gap cal technology with the advanced countries of the world “, – said in the letter.

Scientists recalled that the bill of Ukraine “on amendments to the law of Ukraine” on the budget of Ukraine for 2020 “(registration No. 3279 of 29/03/2020), in particular , it is planned to reduce the amount of NASU funding under the budget program by 300.0 million hryvnia KPKRK 6541230 “Support for the development of priority areas of scientific research.”

According to them, this represents more than 8.1% of the Academy’s funding for the Science section.

Scientists note that due to government decision and the fact that the scientific teams of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine have been working part-time since the beginning of the year, the average employment per year will drop from 10 , 8 to 9.5 months.

“Today, the risk of failure will be the implementation of priority research and development selected by the competition aimed at improving the country’s defense, the development and implementation of the latest technologies, equipment and tools in the establishments of health for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases, information technologies of intellectual digital medicine for prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of socially important diseases, creation of new highly productive varieties and hybrid food crops, fodder, industrial, medicinal and other adapted to the conditions of Ukraine, etc. Among these works and works aimed at preventing the spread of СVID-19 coronavirus infection in Ukraine, the development and improvement of appropriate diagnostic systems “, indicates the letter. .

A decrease in funding will negatively affect the preservation of the human resources of science, mainly among young scientists, as the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine will have to suspend funding for research groups and youth laboratories, which is also carried out in as part of this program.

“The end of funding for youth research teams will be a blow to attract and support young NASU scientists, and will affect approximately 150 young researchers. The end of funding under the KPRC 6541230 budget program and development international cooperation will do no less harm, as it will be impossible to carry out joint actions with foreign partners from competitions with joint financing, ”the letter specifies.

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A letter of appeal to the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, among others, was signed by the academics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vladimir Gorbulin, Anton Naumovets, Sergey Pirozhkov, Anatoly Zagorodni, Vyacheslav Bogdanov, Anatoly Bulat, Sergey Komissarenko, Vladimir Seminozhenko, Ella Libanokoliy, Vadim

As Ukrinform pointed out, the government intends to modify the budget for 2020, in particular, it is proposed to reduce or eliminate spending for several educational and scientific programs and directions.

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