Sean Penn with daughter Dylan in Malibu



Sean Penn with daughter Dylan in Malibu

Sean Penn with daughter Dylan

Famous 59-year-old Hollywood actor Sean Penn spent yesterday with his daughter Dylan, 29, and ex-wife Robin Wright. Father and daughter met in Malibu for dinner at Nobu, a very popular celebrity restaurant.

Sean Penn with daughter Dylan in Malibu

Despite a not too friendly separation from Wright, the actor gets along well with his daughter. Yes, and Dylan herself says that she and her father have a lot in common.

I always said that I was more like my father. We both have an ego. We are both very confident, sometimes we are so confident in ourselves that it can be very annoying for others. But we both realized we had to relax a little. It took my father a little longer than I did, but with age he realized that in his years it no longer looked so attractive,

– she said in an interview.

In the footsteps of her parents, Dylan did not go – and although she played several times in films, she preferred a modeling career: on her own were covers in Elle and GQ.

Dylan doesn’t particularly publicize her personal life – you could say that she is not a public person. It was rumored that she had met Robert Pattinson, but they did not find confirmation. The daughter of a star couple has denied the gossip herself.

Sean Penn with daughter Dylan in Malibu

In addition to Dylan, the ex-spouses also have a 26-year-old son, Hopper. He has already noted several roles in the cinema and has acquired a bad reputation: two years ago, he was arrested for drug possession.

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