Secret instructions from “DNR authorities”: a Donetsk blogger told how they hide the truth about coronaviruses from ORDLO



The blogger “Evil Ukr”, who lives in occupied Donetsk, explained in his blog how at ORDLO they hide the real number of coronavirus patients. The blogger writes this in the hospital. Kalinsin, who is in Donetsk, the morgue workers, he said, received “an order from above,” so as not to write in a crisis that the cause of death was the coronavirus.

coronavirus in ARDLO
coronavirus in ARDLO. Stock Photo – donpatriot. news

This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to the social networks of blogger “Evil Ukr”, reports MFN.

According to the blogger, the hospital’s chief medical officer. Kalinina gathered the morgue employees and said that in the epicrisis, it is necessary to indicate the cause of death not of a coronavirus, but of a concomitant disease. According to the blogger, the chief medical officer ordered workers in the morgue to sign the corresponding document. “Evil Ukr” writes that such an order “came from above”.

The blogger writes that this decision may be due to the fact that people who died from a coronavirus infection must be buried taking into account the special requirements.

According to the blogger, the causes of death from “chronic diseases” in the epicrisis indicate not only the elderly, but also the children who died from coronaviruses.

“Many children with chronic diseases have left this world because of the coronavirus, but the exam writes the primary disease,” writes the blogger.

In addition, according to the blogger, the coronavirus shears the ranks of illegal armed groups. But it is difficult to know how many people have contracted the virus, because according to the blogger, the command of the illegal armed groups destroys all the statistics.

The blogger added that the “authorities of the republic” carefully hide real information on the epidemiological situation in the territory of the so-called “DPR”.

Earlier, we reported that an ORDLO blogger said that residents of the “DPR” were afraid to tell the truth about the situation of the coronavirus in the “republic”.



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