Security threat: Russian veterans urge Putin to regain consciousness



Despite the abnormal increase in the number of coronavirus patients, the Russian authorities are considering the possibility of organizing the May 9 parade for Victory Day “without a stand”.

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Putin does not rule out the victory parade.
Despite the threat, Putin does not rule out the May 9 parade for Victory Day. Photo:

These feelings from the team of Russian President Vladimir Putin surprise not only the international community, but also ordinary Russian citizens and even veterans.

In this regard, veterans’ organizations have sent the Kremlin chief a call to postpone the Victory Day parade in Moscow to a later date.

In their appeal, they note that the organization of a parade in such a terrible period is a threat for many citizens.

“On behalf of the entire veteran community, we ask you to make a difficult decision, but, as we believe, just to hold a military parade on another date when, in accordance with the epidemiological situation, the parade will not be a threat, but truly a triumph of peace and security for all participants ”, – said the official call of veterans.

This document was signed by the president of the Russian Association of Heroes Vladimir Shamanov, the president of the All-Russian Public Organization of War, Labor, Armed Forces and Police Veterans Vladimir Epifanov, as well as the head of the public organization of veterans of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Viktor Ermakov.

Vladimir Putin has not yet responded to this call.

Earlier, it was reported that NATO had taken command of Putin in a lie and demanded an end to the misinformation.

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