Security updates for OnePlus 8 will continue to be implemented every two months


The decision to fully enter the “upper” market segment implies constant and constant attention. At these levels, it is the details that matter, and it is for this reason that the decision of the Chinese company not to change the frequency of monthly updates to the latest makes us think. OnePlus 8,

The new series, officially released in the middle of the week (click here to find out more), was marked by a notable price increase. Just think about it OnePlus 8 Pro in Italy break through the wall of the gods 1000 euros (although the initial price of the “top” option is $ 999). Despite this, even with a more expensive model, the manufacturer will not change its policy regarding security updates for software.

As it has been for several years, Oneplus let go Android patches every two monthsand not monthly. A decision that is now beginning to be criticized, but will not change with OnePlus 8: unofficial confirmation received 9to5Google who contacted the company directly to get clarification on this. On the other hand, the total support time is on average longer than that of other competitors.

OnePlus 8 Pro arrives with on board Android Security Patch for the month of March: therefore, the next update will be available only in May.


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