Semyon Slepakov recorded a song on the coronavirus: “Let it be again, like once …” (Internet is delighted)



Semyon Slepakov recorded a song about the coronavirus:

Semen Slepakov

The world has fallen into the coronavirus trap, which many already have in their teeth, but so far few have managed to cope with. The network has become the main meeting place for everyone and everything, which in itself causes different emotions that Internet users reject every day. Semyon Slepakov, devoting his new song to the COVID-19 pandemic, found no decent word for the coronavirus. And judging by the instant response to the “viral song” on Instagram, I was not mistaken with the choice of vocabulary.

The restaurateur Alexander Sorkin, hospitalized in Moscow after his return from France, also appreciated Slepakov’s new song.

Bravo, Semyon !!! The whole hospital sings, “Sorkin wrote on social media, who previously told reporters that he has severe pneumonia.

Other fans of Slepakova stars also responded to the song about the epidemic: it’s the anthem! Well done, – Daria Ekamasova wrote in the comments.

Sperm, you are the best! – welcomed Slepakova Marina Alexandrova.

Magnificent archival, – Alexander Nevzorov summed it up succinctly.

Did you like Slepakov’s viral song? Warning: in the lyrics – blasphemy.

At SPLETNIK.RU, the first news was shared by blogger Gopi.

Semyon Slepakov recorded a song about the coronavirus:

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