How to Send a Fax Via Email / Gmail

In this digitally reformed world where everything is quick and easy, old ways of communication have somehow been forgotten. One such example is the wide use of email instead of fax.

However, those who have used the fax method at any point know its benefits. Fax technology has the edge over other communication methods we use today in terms of safety and reliability. Though many may think that nobody cares about fax anymore, it is still widely used in professional circles.

When it comes to sending and receiving fax online, there are more than a few options for you to choose from. You can use your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or almost any device you have on hand for sending and receiving a fax. 

In this article, I will walk you through the procedure of sending and receiving faxes in Gmail. To do so, you will need a Gmail Account and an Online Fax Number. If you are wondering why then be sure to check out this article until the end.

What is Google or Online Fax Number?

Google fax number, also known as online fax number, is a number you must have if you want to send and receive faxes with Gmail. This number will allow you to forward all your incoming faxes to the mailing service of your choice. Below, I have mentioned how to forward and receive faxes with Gmail.

How to Send a Fax Through Gmail?

Here is a quick guide to help you send faxes with Gmail. Make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Create a Gmail account if you do not have it already
  2. Next, you need to pick a Web-Based Fax Company for your account

This company will provide you with a connection so that you can fax by email. Also, it will create an online fax number that will allow you to receive a Gmail fax.

  1. Open your Gmail
  2. Navigate to the Compose button to create a new email message
  3. Now, you need to enter your recipient’s fax number, where you would normally add your email address

Example: [email protected]

  1. Next, you need to click on the paperclip icon to attach your fax document(s) as an email attachment
  2. Also, you need to create a cover page by simply typing in a message in the body of the email

You can also use the subject of the email as a Note.

  1. Finally, click the Send button to send your fax. 

Yes, that is all you are required to do!

How to Receive a Fax through Gmail?

Now that you have learned how to send a fax with Gmail let us find out the process of receiving it. Here is how you can do that:

  1. First, you need to share your fax number with the person who will be sending you a fax
  2. After you have provided them with your fax number, the person can now send you fax in Gmail
  3. You will receive faxed directly into your inbox in the form of an email attachment
  4. Finally, you can click to open, view, sign, or forward your faxes in Gmail

That is all you need to do to receive a fax through Gmail!

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