Sensational, will Xiaomi Mi Band 5 be introduced tomorrow?


From 2014 to 2019, 100 million wearable devices were shipped: this is an important stage marked by Xiaomi, The Chinese giant intends to sail along the wave of success of the Mi Band series, and this year will (very) be waiting for the release of a new model.

Yes, because tomorrow, April 3, a new one can become official Xiaomi Mi Band 5Originally scheduled for June, however, it should be the undisputed protagonist of tomorrow’s streaming event, in which the company will introduce new wearable devices. The teaser does not have a single specific link, which is also shared on Weibo, but knowledgeable people are sure that tomorrow will be a time of surprises.

Little is known about Xiaomi Mi Band 5. The previous generation was able to repeat (if not surpass) the success of Mi Band 3, primarily due to the advent of a color display. Now there smartband one step further should be taken: for example, expected display wider and it will move from current 0.95 ″ to 1.2 ″.

Another long-awaited novelty is the presence on board NFC chip, It is still reserved for models in circulation in China: this will allow its use on Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Services like Google Pay or Mi Pay. At the price front, nothing will change: a smartphone should cost 179 yuan, about 23 euros at the current rate. Even with the inevitable growth in Europe, it should not exceed 30 euros.


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