Sentsov called “revenge” action against Chornovol



Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian filmmaker and public figure, former prisoner of the Kremlin, is indignant at the GDB’s actions towards Tatyana Chornovol.

He wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“I know Tatiana Chornovol personally. You may have a different attitude towards his political activities, but she is a courageous woman, one of Yanukovich’s most active fighters. Her husband died at ATO and Tatyana herself was nearly killed by scum in the time of the Maidan, severely beating. Now, other “nice” people accuse him of intentionally killing someone on February 18, 2014. Although everyone has known for a long time that this was an accident, the deceased deliberately remained in the car. ‘building fire, refusing to leave it,’ said Sentsov.

He noted that “he was also there, although he came later, when the Party of Regions office was already smoking. Because there have been significant cases in the form of clashes with the Golden Eagle at the corner of Shelkovichnaya and Institutskaya. “

“Then the revolution continued, fighting took place, people died. We fought for the dignity, freedom and the future of our state. Now we see how gradually all these conquests of the Maidan, the current government blends in the toilet. If we had lost then, Yanukovych would have thrown us all into prison. And if activists are imprisoned now, what is it, if not revenge? “- said in a note from Sentsov.

According to Ukrinform, the National Investigation Bureau informed former deputy Tatiana Chornovol of suspicion of intentional murder following the arson of the Party office of the Regions in 2014.

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The deputy of the 8th summons Tatyana Chornovol reported on the social network on the morning of April 10 that a search was underway in her house. She also posted a screenshot of the search order, which covers the events of February 2014.

Tatyana Chornovol – People’s deputy of Ukraine on summons VIII, journalist and Ukrainian public figure, former correspondent for information and analytical publications “Left Bank”, “Ukrainian truth”, “Observer”.

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