Sentsov wrote to Zelensky regarding a fair review of the “Sheremet case”



Sentsov wrote to Zelensky regarding fair treatment

Sentsov wrote to Zelensky regarding a fair review of the “Sheremet case”

10/06/2020 12:47


Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian director, screenwriter and writer, former political prisoner of the Kremlin, wrote an open letter to the president requesting that the murder of Pavel Sheremet be heard by an independent and impartial tribunal.

Sentsov posted his open appeal to the head of state on Facebook.

As the former political prisoner noted, 6 months have passed since December 12, 2019, during an information meeting organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the participation of the president, volunteer and pediatric heart surgeon Yulia Kuzmenko , USN soldier and musician Andrei Antonenko and military nurse Yana Dugar “have been declared” killers “, and police have reported their version of the events. “

Sentsov said the company has been monitoring the case for 6 months, and Kouzmenko and Antonenko have been under arrest for 6 months.

“The company observes the following: the lawyers for the suspects provide evidence that completely refutes the validity of the suspicions and the presence of any risk of obstruction of the investigation by these people, there is no reason to believe that these people were implicated in the murder of Pavel Sheremet. Despite this, the courts take unmotivated decisions on the election and the extension of coercive measures for Kouzmenko, Antonenko, Dugar, “he said.

According to Sentsov, the courts cannot be objective and independent, because on December 12, 2019, these people were named “assassins”, broadcasting a briefing from the Ministry of Internal Affairs across the country, and many statements were made in the media reports by government officials claiming these people were involved in the murder. Sheremet.

“The goal in this case is a company that sees many independent journalistic investigations that refute the version of the investigation, the arguments and the evidence provided by the parties to the process. Society understands that there is no evidence of involvement of these people in the crime. What is presented as evidence by the investigation is extremely unconvincing, sometimes contradicts itself and does not respect basic rules of logic, “said the former political prisoner.

According to Sentsov, if the Ukrainian judicial system will not be able to properly assess this “evidence” from the investigation and will continue to keep innocent people behind bars, the European Court of Human Rights will unequivocally consider all arguments and will make a decision from the point of view of an objective observer, and the accused in this case will be the State of Ukraine.

In addition, the filmmaker warned that, on the basis of the prosecution’s unfounded assumptions, the lack of evidence and reputation of the suspects in the “Sheremet case”, as well as an unprecedented number of famous and authoritative who have special trust in society and are ready to take suspects on bail – keeping these people on bail creates a socially dangerous atmosphere in the country.

He also recalled that Article 102 of the Constitution of Ukraine indicates that the President of Ukraine is the guarantor of respect for the Constitution of Ukraine, human and citizens’ rights and freedoms.

Article 62 of the Ukrainian Constitution provides that a person is presumed innocent of a crime and cannot be punished criminally until his guilt has been legally proven and established by a verdict of guilt.

In this context, Sentsov stressed that no one is obliged to prove his innocence of having committed a crime, the prosecution cannot be based on illegally obtained evidence, as well as on hypotheses, and all doubts on the evidence of a person’s guilt is interpreted in his favor.

“We ask you, as President of Ukraine, to guarantee the implementation of the standards of the Ukrainian Constitution, respect for constitutional rights and freedoms Kuzmenko, Antonenko, Dugar, to guarantee a fair trial by an independent court and impartial so that the baseless detention of innocent people does not continue and that Ukrainian society does not continue to lose confidence in justice and justice in Ukraine, “summarizes Sentsov.

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As reported by Ukrinform, Sheremet died on July 20, 2016 in Kiev following a car explosion.

Home Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov announced on December 12, 2019 the detention and the suspicion of the accused in the Sheremet murder case.

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The investigation suspects the doctor and volunteer Yulia Kuzmenko, the nurse of one of the paratrooper battalions Yana Dugar and the ATO veteran Andrei Antonenko.

On May 22, lawyer Nikolai Orekhovsky announced that the pre-trial investigation into the murder of Sheremet was completed.

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On May 25, the Pechersk court in Kiev granted the request of the prosecutors and changed the preventive measure of Yane Dugar from house arrest to bail in the amount of 168,000 hryvnia. Subsequently, lawyer Dugar Vitaliy Kolomiyets said that more than 500 people had transferred less than a day the amount necessary to make a deposit.

Kuzmenko and Antonenko are still in prison.

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