Separate Ministry of Health team investigates Covid-19 test failure cases – Lyashko



Separate Ministry of Health team investigates Covid-19 test failure cases - Lyashko

A separate team works at the Ministry of Health, which studies cases of patients refusing to test the coronavirus.

This was announced on “Right to Power” on the “1 + 1” channel by the Deputy Minister of Health, Chief Medical Officer of Health Viktor Lyashko, the correspondent for Ukrinform.

“We have a hotline within the Ministry of Health, which accepts all requests regarding test refusals. As of April 7, there were 42 such requests to the Ministry of Health from April 8 to 11. All these requests are processed, we have created a separate team which calls the requestor directly, as well as the chief doctor or the family doctor who could refuse, and directly to the head of the health department. Each case is now being examined in detail and we are making certain management decisions, ”said Lyashko.

He called back the telephone number of the Ministry of Health, which you can contact, including in the event of a test refusal on Covid-19 – 8 800 505 201.

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Lyashko added that the Department of Health has changed the testing algorithm for Covid-19 and has forbidden patients to refuse it.

The Chief Medical Officer of Health also explained the “small” number of patients who have recovered. According to him, all patients with Covid-19 in the recovery stage are subjected one after the other to the other two tests by the polymerase chain reaction in order to exclude the disease. And it takes time.

“We need to understand and precisely track the dynamics of the impact. We are now on the 15th day from the time when Ukraine has passed the number of cases over a hundred … All those who have been confirmed with the diagnosis of coronavirus disease do not go to the recovery stage only after that PCR tests be done twice a day in a row that will show negative results, ”noted Lyashko.

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On the morning of April 9, in Ukraine, according to the Ministry of Health, 1892 cases of Covid-19 coronavirus were confirmed, including 57 fatal, 45 patients recovered. During the day, 224 new cases were recorded.

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