Sergei Polunin and Elena Ilinykh spoke in “Evening Urgant” of her son Mira, his birth in the United States and joint training at home



Sergey Polunin and Elena Ilinykh

The guests of today’s TV program “Evening Urgant” on Channel One were 30-year-old dancer Sergei Polunin and 25-year-old skater Elena Ilinykh, who became parents just under three months ago – their son Mir was born. They spoke to Ivan Urgant about the unusual choice of his name, his birth in Miami and an emergency return to Russia from the United States during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Olympic ice dance champion, the father chose the son’s name. If the girl was born, I would choose the name, but in the end, all the names of the son came with Seryozha, which I regretted very much. Among them were – Shiva, Shi, Samson. One day, when we were thinking of a name for a child, Seryozha said: “That’s right, I found the name of Adolf,” said Elena Ilyinykh.

Elena Ilinykh, Sergei Polunin, Ivan UrgantSergey added that the name Adolf, in his opinion, is beautiful in itself and translated from German means “noble wolf”, but a man named Hitler, become synonymous with cruelty and inhumanity, the ruin. In fact, the child did not like the name. When we called him Adolf, he cried a lot, ”added Sergey.

Sergey Polunin with his son Mir On the day of Mir’s birth, his parents took care of their business and were in no rush to the hospital. The son gave us sleep – we slept all night. In the morning, my water ran out and Sergei went to do a ballet class. We didn’t know what to do right now, so, as usual, he went to do a ballet class. And I thought that a beautiful woman should come to a meeting with the main man, so I started to twist my hair and dye, – Elena remembered the day of the birth.

Sergei Polunin with his son Mir on the cover of the Sunday Times Magazine The first days of his life, the baby spent with his parents on an island near Miami, but due to the closing of country borders following the pandemic coronaviruses, Polunin and Ilyins were forced to hastily return to Russia. Since then, the family is, for natural reasons, isolated, we mainly take care of the child: play, swim, talk … Fun. It’s really good that there is an opportunity to be together. We have been in such isolation for four months now, they said.

Sergey Polunin and Elena Ilinykh The famous dancer and famous athlete organize joint training at home, which helps them to stay in shape. We work together at home in the morning. I’ve been doing my homework for seven years now. We spend a little time on it – half an hour or 40 minutes. This is enough to be in average shape. But you have to do it every day. If you don’t interrupt, you’re in good physical shape, ”said Sergey Polunin.

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