How to Setup Gmail in Outlook 2016? Using IMAP Settings

If you are currently handling your Gmail and Outlook mail accounts separately, you know how much time you spend looking at your email messages in different email applications. What if you could access all your emails in one place? Convenient, isn’t it?

It is exactly what you can do if you integrate Gmail in Outlook. Being able to get the work done quickly allows you to be more productive and efficient. Moreover, you do not have to spend twice the time checking your emails and events anymore. Therefore, if you use Gmail and Outlook, it is pretty easy to connect Gmail to Outlook and manage and organize your Gmail account from Outlook. 

The primary reason users do so is to get a more efficient and manageable email experience. If you were wondering that setting up a Gmail account in Outlook would be challenging, it is essential to know that you can add your account in MS Outlook in no time if you follow our simple guide.

Therefore, continue reading to learn how to setup Gmail in Outlook 2016 through IMAP.

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Add Your Gmail Account to Outlook 2016

If you want to learn how to set up your Gmail account in Outlook 2016, follow these steps:

1) From Gmail, navigate to Settings

2) Now, go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab

3) Make sure IMAP is enabled. If not, Enable IMAP and save your changes

4) Next, launch Outlook 2016 

5) Go to File

6) To add your Gmail account, Go to Add Account option

7) Select the Manual setup or additional server types option

8) On Choose Your Account Type step, you need to select POP or IMAP

9) The next step is to enter User Information, Server Information, and Logon Information

10) Under the User Information section, type in your name and email address. 

11) Now, under the Server Information section, enter the following details:

              Select IMAP as an account type

              Enter for the incoming mail server

              Enter for the outgoing mail server

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12) Then, under the Logon Information section, add your username and password 

13) Go to the More Settings option in the right corner of the window

14) Choose the Outgoing Server tab in the same window

15) Tick the checkbox next to the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option

16) Now, select the Use same settings as my incoming mail server option

17) Go to the Advanced tab and enter the following details

              Enter 993 or 143 for the incoming server

              Select SSL for the incoming server encrypted connection

              Enter 465 or 587 for the outgoing server

              Select TLS or Auto for outgoing server encrypted connection

18) Click OK 

19) Now, click Next

20) Close the window and click on the Next  button again

21) Finally, you will get the message You’re all set!

22) Click Finish, and you are good to go

After finishing the process, you need to check the connection and ensure that you can access your messages in Outlook. Congratulations—you have set up Gmail in Outlook 2016 successfully!

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