Seven things you will never see again on cruises


In recent weeks, cruises are slowly returning to our lives, but they are so much like, will never be the same.

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Fans of cruises probably won’t wait until you can go on a trip again. Now that the world is slowly returning to normal, cruise companies have also started planning to resume their work in the dangerous post-coronovirus world. However, despite the mass of uncertainties around us, it is safe to say that when you go on a cruise again, it will be very different from what you are used to.

  1. Free boarding

One of the first things to change would be the process of boarding a cruise ship. According to CNN, the International Cruise Line Association is working with companies and the US government to create new directives that include rigging boarding procedures, advanced passenger health monitoring and quarantine activities.

Furthermore, these strict medical protocols may be just the beginning. Among the measures currently being considered are routine checks, increasing requirements for medical services, specialized air filtration systems and mandatory documents with “suitable” markings for older passengers.

  1. Outdated technology

Have you always dreamed cruise ships to be more modern? Then there is good news for you: The epidemic has forced cruise companies to invest in new technologies, including robotic equipment responsible for room sterilization. “Sterilization robots that are already in use in some hotels can provide cruise ships with a sterility level that meets the standards of the best hotels,” CNN reports.

  1. Communication with crew members

If you prefer to make friends with your crew during a cruise, you may need to change your habits. “We should not expect the ship’s crew and crews to be available for communication, especially now that the virus is still running free, and the easiest way to spread it is through physical contact and personal communication , “Writes Willie Greer, Founder and Editor’s Edition of Product Analyst.

  1. Go to the captain’s bridge

This would certainly upset many selfie lovers, but, according to Greer, the new rules would include a ban on all passengers other than VIPs from visiting the captain’s bridge.

  1. Smoking on board

If you have not yet got rid of this bad habit, the time has come for drastic measures. Otherwise, you will have to search for other travel options. “If you are a heavy smoker or a vain, the modern cruise liner will become an extremely inaccessible place for you, as many companies devote less and less space to smoking,” Greer writes. “On some cruise ships it is not allowed to smoke on board, so you should think carefully.” Perhaps you will rest somewhere in the Bahamas or smoke at home as well. “

  1. Some traditional entertainment

Cruise ships offer a variety of activities to entertain the passengers. However, something may be a thing of the past. “With regard to the development of environmental awareness, many recreations, including a long tradition of throwing overboard bottles with notes and serpents, as well as shooting from the clappers will be banned when the ship is sailing. “Don’t fret, and let’s think better about the turtle, which you’ll eventually help survive,” Greer says.

  1. The buffet

“Guests must prepare themselves for the lack of a self known as the buffet, due to the lack of familiar self-service. Of course, a full-service buffet will continue in their service, says Ilana Shatauer, owner of the online publication Life Well Cruised.


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