“Sex can be confusing”: Justin Bieber spoke about what he regrets in the past



Hayley Baldwin and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, 26, is one of those who does not hesitate to share the details of his personal life and does not avoid intimate problems. The other day, there was another series from the documentary project The Biebers on Watch, which Justin directed with his wife, Haley Baldwin, 23.

Justin Bieber and Hayley Baldwin

In the new issue, the Canadian singer also answered the question of whether he regretted something in his past.

I do not regret anything, because I believe that all events make you the personality that you are, you gain experience. If I could go back and avoid some kind of pain that I had to go through, I would probably run away before the wedding. I know it sounds crazy, but sex can be confusing,

Allowed Bieber.

Remember that Justin himself is an opponent of premarital sex and did not form an intimate relationship with Haley before their marriage. According to the singer, this only benefited their relationship:

I think I really started taking Hailey seriously when I stopped having sex because everything was clear to me. I was able to really build this base of relationships with her, build trust. She could take me seriously and know that if I didn’t do this with her, I wouldn’t do it with someone else, and she could trust me.

Last week, the singer also appeared on Instagram pastor Rich Wilkerson, where he also expressed his position.

Sex before marriage can blind you, it can cloud your judgment and decision-making,

– Justin shared his opinion.

It should be noted that Haley herself does not fully share her husband’s point of view. The celebrity notes that she has different experiences.

But I agree that physical proximity can sometimes really blur everything,

– added Haley during the live broadcast.

Recall that the couple got engaged in July 2018 about a month after they started dating. But the marriage had to be postponed for a year due to Bieber’s medical condition – the singer suffered from depression for a long time, in addition, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

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