Shaman Durek on relations with the Norwegian princess Marta Louise and the possible marriage: “Marta is my dream!”



Shaman Durek and Princess of Norway Marta Louise

The coronavirus, which has closed state borders around the world, has separated Norwegian princess Marta Louise, 48, and her partner, Hollywood shaman Durek (45) (real name Derek Werett). But he himself believes that the separation will not be long – in an interview with the German edition of Bunte, Durek said he plans to settle with Martha in the United States over time and added that their marriage was “certainly not excluded”. Marta is my dream! I can’t imagine my life without it. We plan one day to start living together, but not in Norway, but in the United States,

He said to the publication.

Shaman Durek and Princess of Norway Marta Louise

Last summer, the press reported that the princess had introduced the shaman boyfriend to her family. In an interview, he rejected the suggestion that Martha’s relatives were not satisfied with him.

His family and I get along very well, “he said.

The princess’s novel with the hateful press shaman continues to argue after Marta Louise presented it to the general public as its chosen one. She had previously lived 14 years in a marriage to Ari Ben, having given birth to three daughters: Maud Angelique, Leah Isadora and Emm Tallul. In 2017, the couple divorced (the couple’s divorce was the first in the history of the modern Norwegian royal family), and on December 25, 2019, Ari Ben committed suicide.

Shaman Durek, engaged in non-traditional practices, has acquired an ambiguous reputation. Some Hollywood stars admire him and scientists call him a charlatan. In 2018, he said in an interview that he could change a person’s age, and another time, he admitted that he would have pre-ordered the September 11, 2001 attacks, resurrected dead cancer patients and healed. However, after a wave of criticism, he stopped telling a few stories.

Before the border closed, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Princess Martha Louise flew to meet him in the United States, which caused a wave of condemnation at home for not taking care of his parents, endangering children and other family members. ? We have to think about love. Marta wanted to see her lover. I do not consider his act a crime, “said shaman Durek during his recent visit to the United States.

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