Shaman Yakout who wanted to “reject” Putin has been sent for compulsory treatment



On Tuesday, June 2, the Yakoutie court decided to proceed with the trial of the republican psychoneurological dispensary, which requested the compulsory treatment of Alexandre Gabishev.

Shaman Yakut
Shaman Yakut. Photo –

On this subject, it is written “MFN” referring to “Radio liberty“.

In the conclusion of the medical institution, he indicates that the shaman Yakout is sick with an “overestimation of the personality”, because he overflows with ideas “to harm the Russian government and dismiss Putin”.

According to media reports, before the hearing started, the police detained several witnesses for the defense without any explanation. One of them, blogger Sergei Tikhiy, even had to be hospitalized: he was pushed by a police officer during his arrest. After the fall, the witness struck hard and lost consciousness.

Note that the mayor of Yakutsk, Sardan Avksentiev, in his Instagram spoke out against the persecution of shaman Gabishev. According to her, it is a selective punishment of a person with a tragic fate.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the social network had reported the kidnapping of the shaman Yakut.



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