Sharia law removed from wanted list: police announce findings



Law enforcement agencies of Ukraine have officially announced an end to the persecution of famous blogger and politician Anatoly Sharia. The eight-year search has ended.

Anatoly Shariy
Anatoly Shariy. Photo –

It is reported by “MFN”, with reference at the press service of the national police of Ukraine.

The decision to withdraw the wanted list was taken by the Solomensky court in Kiev. Now the Sharia information has been removed from the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Remember that Anatoly Sharia was charged with hooliganism and false reporting of a crime. The law enforcement system has persisted in proceedings concerning these atrocities. An interesting fact is that the man against whom Shariy committed hooligan acts made no complaints against Shariy during this time, which he confirmed in writing. However, law enforcement officials did not spare the time and energy necessary to try to restore justice and legally punish the bully.

After the start of Sharia research, he left Ukraine and all these years lived in a foreign country. However, he excelled in journalism and politics, and is now an important figure in the political arena of Ukraine.

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