Shary is outraged by the Kiev act: blogger demands that Ukraine apologize to “L / DPR”



Blogger, journalist Anatoly Shary is indignant that now the famous Ukrainian journalists Denis Kazansky and Sergey Garmash will participate in the TKG negotiations in Minsk from Ukraine. Shariy said he “instead of” the other side “would refuse to negotiate.

Anatoly Shariy
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Dialogue. AU “.

Blogger Anatoly Shari did not appreciate Kiev’s decision to include journalists from Denis Kazan and Sergey Garmash in the TKG negotiations in Minsk. As you know, they will represent the occupied Donetsk region.

The blogger criticized this Kiev initiative, and said that in this way, the Kiev authorities want to humiliate, in his own words, “the other side”. In addition, Shariy began to insult her journalist and blogger colleague Kazan. Shariy accused Kazan of spreading false information about the people of Donbas.

Finally, Shariy added that, personally, on the “other side” site, he would refuse to negotiate with Ukrainian journalists. In addition, the blogger believes that Ukraine should apologize for what is called the “L / DPR”.

“I, on the” other side “site, would have refused any negotiation until the withdrawal of these” consultants “from the TCG and an apology,” explained Shariy.

We previously reported that Putin and Merkel had discussed the issue of resolving the Donbas conflict.



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