Shimgal talks about scenarios to overcome the crisis


The Prime Minister said that the government is doing to deal with the consequences of coronovirus

Minister of Economics Igor Petrashko and Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal. Photo:

The Cabinet of Ministers along with the business community are developing several scenarios for Ukraine to overcome the crisis posed by the Kovid-19 epidemic. This was announced by Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal in an online meeting with representatives of the European Trade Union (EBA).

how They said The head of government, there are many scenarios at the moment, but “it is too early to talk specifically about them.” He also said that today the whole world is in a state of uncertainty and unpredictability.

Shimgal emphasized that Ukraine today has a very powerful human resource – these are people who work abroad and have returned home.

Denis Shimgal
Prime Minister of Ukraine

Furthermore, the Prime Minister expects international financial institutions, in particular, to receive “good financial resources” from the IMF and the World Bank. Earlier, PaySpace magazine wrote that the United States Agency for International Development allocated $ 1.2 million of medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine to fight the coronary virus.

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According to the results of a new survey, every fourth business in Ukraine in quarantine will be able to withstand 2-3 months and will not go bankrupt. However, only one in four respondents consider an expansion of restrictive measures during the epidemic.

It was also reported that after the start of national quarantine, 35% of Ukrainians continue to work normally, with 29% – working remotely, 32% – on their own free will and 4% on leave – losing their jobs. Have been

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