Shmygal Announces Continued Medical Reform “After Correction of Errors”



Shmygal announces continuation of medreform

Shmygal Announces Continued Medical Reform “After Correction of Errors”

11.06.2020 18:21


The second phase of medical reform will continue without delay, now the government is correcting mistakes made in calculating the prices of medical services.

This was stated by Prime Minister Denis Shmygal at a press conference on the theme “100 days of government” on June 11, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“The second stage of medical reform will continue. There will be no bill to postpone it. We are listing the NHA rates for the moment. There have really been mistakes, there have been calculations incorrect the cost of certain types and packages of medical services, “said Shmygal.

According to him, in some treatment packages, the prices of medical services are underestimated. As an example, he cited a rate for the treatment of a heart attack.

“A heart attack package costs 16 thousand UAH at the current rate, in fact it is more than 30 thousand UAH. In other words, it has to be transferred, and it has to be paid for because these funds are not enough to cover the costs of an average heart attack, “Sniff, adding that” there are many such examples. “

According to him, this will make it possible to correct the mistakes made without delaying the reform process.

“The recognition of this error gives us reason to recount the cost of packages today, allows us to review and complete these parameters prescribed in the reform, for example, the content of psychiatry, phthisiopulmonology, other institutions which were not planned in principle, they were forgotten in principle during the preparation of the second stage of medical reform. errors and what we forgot, we are correcting them right now. We will correct them without delay, “said the Prime Minister.

According to him, the correction of the errors and the continuation of the medical reform will give the “correct result”, which the Ukrainians will feel from next year.

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He also indicated that an abbreviated procedure was used to select candidates for the post of head of the National Health Service, which pays hospitals health care packages. Shmygal stressed that the process for appointing the head of the NSZU should be opened.

“We want to open it up and do it more publicly, so that the public has no doubt that the NHA and, in general, this reform is medical, it should be,” said the Prime Minister.

As Ukrinform reported, on April 1, Ukraine began the second stage of medical reform. They stipulate that health care facilities providing specialized (city, district hospitals) and highly specialized (hospitals and regional hospitals) medical care will receive funding under an agreement with the NHA.

President Vladimir Zelensky called on the head of the Ministry of Health, the chairman of the competent committee of the Verkhovna Rada and the chief medical officer of health to quickly propose ways to improve medical reform and resolve the problems that arose as a result of the introduction of its second phase.

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