Shmygal can be sacked: Butusov spoke of serious problems in the country



Famous Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov thinks that Prime Minister Denis Shmygal’s cabinet could be dismissed. According to him, the government of Shmygal, as well as former Prime Minister Goncharuk, could not obtain significant economic results.

Denis Shmygal.
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Dialogue. AU”.

Journalist Yuriy Butusov analyzed the latest data from the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. Butusov came to the conclusion that the government of Denis Shmygal could not achieve at least some positive results in the economy.

The reporter noted that in recent years industrial production in the country continues to decline. In addition, Ukrainians continue to lower their income. Butusov noted that the average salary has declined.

The reporter also compared the revenues to the state budget for May 2020 and May 2019. He noted that the replenishment of the country’s state budget had been significantly reduced.

“State budget revenues in May 2020 have decreased by 30% compared to May 2019,” the journalist wrote.

Thus, the reporter came to the conclusion that the Shmygal government was unable to show effective results. In addition, the media representative believes that the current cabinet does not have its own established economic strategy.

Butusov believes that Denis Shmygal and other ministers could be removed from office.

“Judging by the numbers, the resignation of the Shmygal government is justified like the resignation of the Goncharuk government, there is no positive change in the country’s indicators,” writes Butusov.

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