Shmygal congratulated Western rite Christians on Easter and urged to stay at home



Shmygal congratulated Western rite Christians on Easter and urged to stay at home

Prime Minister Denis Shmygal congratulated Western Christians on Easter and called for the abandonment of traditional celebrations this year to preserve the health and lives of loved ones.

The congratulations are posted on the official Telegram channel of the head of government.

“I sincerely congratulate all western Christians on Easter! The feast of the resurrection of Christ fills our hearts with unwavering faith in true goodness, true love and limitless joy. It symbolizes the transition from death to life and gives us hope for a mental and physical rebirth, “he wrote.

According to the Prime Minister, on this day, people traditionally spend with their family, in the company of friends and go to church to welcome the resurrection of Christ, but unfortunately not this year.

“The world has changed. Today, we must first think of our family and friends. We must abandon the traditions that are important to us in order to protect the lives of those we love,” said Shmygal.

He wanted everyone’s home to reign in comfort, peace and prosperity. “We can overcome everything with unbreakable faith and good deeds. Good health for you! Christ is risen!”, Noted the head of government.

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As reported, as of April 12, 2020, 2,777 cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed in Ukraine.

As a result of complications from the disease, 83 people died, including 40 men and 43 women. Among the dead, people over 50 years predominate (85.5%).

A total of 89 people have already recovered – a second laboratory test did not reveal the virus in the body.

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