Shmygal is ready to resign: Prime Minister has expressed the main condition



Prime Minister Denis Shmygal expressed the main condition, which could become the reason for his resignation. According to him, he will resign from his post if he does not meet the expectations of the Ukrainians.

Denis Shmygal
Denis Shmygal. Photo –

This is reported by the NPF, referring to RBC-Ukraine.

Denis Shmygal said he was ready to resign if he did not meet the expectations of Ukrainian citizens in his post as head of the Cabinet of Ministers. He shared this revelation during a press conference on the occasion of Cabinet 100 days.

Recall that earlier in the party “Servant of the People” announced the conditions under which the Cabinet of Ministers Shmygal can be dismissed. This scenario may become possible if the Shmygal government is unable to lift the country’s economy out of a difficult economic crisis, and also if the level of Ukrainian confidence in the government drops sharply.

The “Servant of the People” noted that this could happen in October 2020 – on the eve of local elections in Ukraine.

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