Shmygal met with representatives of the Pan-Ukrainian Council of Churches



Shmygal met with representatives of the Pan-Ukrainian Council of Churches

Shmygal met with representatives of the Pan-Ukrainian Council of Churches


02/02.2020 19:07


Prime Minister Denis Shmygal has assured the government of his intention to create all the conditions possible under the current circumstances for the fullest implementation of religious rites and services, but stressed that the pandemic was not yet overcome.

He said this during a meeting with representatives of the Pan-Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations, said the press service of the head of government.

Prime Minister thanked WCCRO members for the fact that the vast majority of religious organizations have listened to the recommendations to fight the coronavirus epidemic and has decided to suspend the holding of services in normal mode and has joined their online distribution .

Shmygal met with representatives of the Pan-Ukrainian Council of Churches

He recalled that the adaptive quarantine period is underway and that from May 22 in areas where it has weakened, it has become possible to conduct religious ceremonies, subject to all preventive measures. “You have to understand that this is all happening in circumstances where the pandemic has not yet been overcome. The number of patients in Ukraine has reached the so-called “plateau”. 300 to 400 people get sick every day, which is roughly equal to the number of people recovering daily, but we still don’t have a negative dynamic, so there are safety measures we need to follow, “said Shmygal.

According to him, the government seeks “to create all the conditions possible in the current circumstances for the most complete implementation of the rites and services concerned”.

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At the same time, Shmygal “agreed with the opinion” on the possibility of lowering the requirements for the number of people present at religious events. “I hope we will continue to relax the conditions as the incidence decreases. We really want our quarantine to be adaptive and efficient, and we will resume our normal lives, “said Shmygal.

The head of government also supported the initiative to hold meetings with the WCCRO once a quarter.

In turn, representatives of religious organizations have submitted to the government a number of proposals aimed at reducing the quarantine of religious organizations, simplifying humanitarian aid, raising the question of state family policy, the role churches in attracting investment to Ukraine, etc.

Social Policy Minister Marina Lazebnaya, at the request of church representatives to simplify the processing of humanitarian supplies, said that during the pandemic, the Ministry of Social Policy has already simplified the procedure for recognizing humanitarian goods as possible, which made it possible to do it in one day, and the department wants to make this process automatic for the future.

According to the government press service, the principal bishop of the Evangelical Ukrainian Church, the president of the Pan-Russian Center for the Christian Orthodox Church Vasily Raychinets, the head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the metropolis of Kiev and all the Ukraine Epifaniy, President of the Pan-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Baptist Christians Valery Antonyuk Ukraine, Legal Advisor to the Chief Rabbi of Kiev and to Ukraine Gennady Beloritsky, Vicar of the Diocese of Kiev of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Bishop Victor Baryshevsky, bishop of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church Vyacheslav Gorpinchuk, bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine, ordinary Kiev-Zhytomyr Vitaliy Krivyev Catholic Church, grand archbishop of Kiev-Galicia Svyatoslav, head of the spiritual administration of Muslims Ukraine, Mufti of Ukraine Ahmed Mohammad Mutih Tamim and representatives of other churches and religious organizations. Social Policy Minister Marina Lazebnaya, Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Oleg Nemchinov, attended the government. Minister of Culture and Information Policy Svetlana Fomenko, Deputy Minister of Health – chief medical officer of health Viktor Lyashko.

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