Shmygal said when they started to open kindergartens



Shmygal said when they started to open kindergartens

Shmygal said when they started to open kindergartens

05/13.2020 12:33


The question of opening kindergartens as part of a gradual exit from quarantine will be examined simultaneously with that of the launch of interurban and suburban transport.

This was announced by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal during an hour of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“We have a plan for a gradual exit from quarantine. It is clearly defined when preschools and educational institutions are working and how the weakening of quarantine conditions and the transition to adaptive quarantine will happen … Children are patients Caregivers in kindergartens also have the right to protection, health and not. Therefore, the issue of gardens will be addressed when the issue of long distance and suburban transportation is discussed, “said Shmygal.

He pointed out that there are many calls to government from all sectors suffering from quarantine.

“But there is a choice between tens of thousands of people who could die from the coronavirus if we stop (quarantine – note) and do not go into adaptive quarantine or do not move suddenly during the growing epidemic in the country (and back – nd) for normal life, “said Shmygal.

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The head of government stressed that, unfortunately, the Ukrainians are now forced to endure: “At least a few more weeks, maybe a month, to achieve positive results when we decrease the number of cases and increase the number of people who have recovered. “

Shmygal also said that there has not been a single day in Ukraine, so the number of people who recovered from COVID-19 exceeds the number of people who fell ill.

In addition, Shmygal pointed out that in Ukraine there is a need to approach quarantine responsibly, and until there are drugs for COVID-19, we will “go out and go into quarantine”.

“I suggest that these questions are not politically speculated, but clearly and responsibly address the quarantine issue. There is no other mechanism in the world. Until drugs are invented, we are forced enter and exit quarantine with the appropriate rules. It is about saving human lives and health. ” – stressed Shmygal.

As reported by Ukrinform, since March 12, educational and business establishments have been quarantined in Ukraine, with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations and banks. The circulation of land transport in many cities has been suspended, work on the metros in Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipro has been interrupted, interurban and interregional automobile, rail and air services have been interrupted.

The quarantine has now been extended until May 22, but as of May 11, some restrictions have been lifted.

As of May 13, in Ukraine, 16,425 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 439 fatal, 3,716 patients have recovered. 402 new cases were recorded per day.

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