Shmygal’s resignation: Martynenko called on the condition under which the Prime Minister will be forced to leave his post



Prime Minister Denis Shmygal will step down as soon as Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky calls for Shmygal himself. This opinion was shared by the famous journalist Alexander Martynenko.

Denis Shmygal
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to Politeka.

Journalist Alexander Martynenko commented on the fact that yesterday, June 18, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine did not support the program of the Shmygal government. After all, this means that the government has no annual immunity. According to Martynenko, this indicates serious problems within the presidential party “Servant of the People”.

“The fact of not having voted for the government program has once again confirmed the problems of the servants of the people. This is your government, you trained it, there are no foreigners there, ”said Martynenko.

The journalist does not exclude that the head of government Shmygal can be dismissed. Martynenko thinks President Zelensky will have the last word.

“Presenting the portrait of Shmygal, I saw him and I spoke, I will tell you: if Vladimir Alexandrovitch asks him to resign, he will leave,” said the journalist.

Recall yesterday 18 June at the Verkhovna Rada, the people’s deputies did not support the government program Denis Shmygal. Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers of Shmygal has not received annual immunity, which means that representatives of the people can dismiss the government prematurely.

Earlier, we reported that after the failure of the government’s Rada program, volunteer Miroslav Gai said that “stormy events await Ukraine”.



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