Shyamal proposed to change the state budget


The head of the government proposed to adjust the country’s budget to the epidemic.

Changes in the state budget: what the Prime Minister suggested. Photo:

The Ukrainian government wants to change the state budget for 2020, keeping in mind the basic needs in an epidemic. It was announced by Prime Minister Dennis Shimgal in his Telegram channel.

Specifically, the head of government proposed to increase the cost of pension from 172.6 billion to 192.3 billion, increase the cost of road repair and construction from 71.9 billion to 70.8 billion, and cut the spending of the Ministry of Economic Development to 18.1. Billion to 17.2 billion dollars. At the same time, the state budget proposes to include the cost of funds to COTAT COD-19, which was previously absent in the state budget. They want to allocate $ 97.1 billion for this. If the new budget is approved, defense spending will remain unchanged – UAH 125 billion.

The Prime Minister said, “We hope Varkhavanna Rada will get together and support our proposals as soon as possible.”

Recall that earlier, due to stringent bayonet measures in the fight against coronovirus, Kounrada changed the budget and the program of the capital’s socio-economic development, allocating 300 million UAH to support the low-income residents of Kiev, Medicare About 3 million USD for the industry, another 780 million dollars for compensation. Disadvantages of the transport industry.

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Earlier, we wrote that the Ministry of Economy had promised state support to employers and small and medium-sized businesses that had to leave partially or completely due to quarantine. Thus, it is possible to obtain partial unemployment benefits. The concept of “partial unemployment” was incorporated into Ukrainian law with recently adopted law number 3275. Read how to get partial unemployment benefits in PaySpace magazine.

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