Sister Kim Jong-un threatens South Korea to break military treaty



The DPRK is ready to break the agreement with South Korea, which provides for the removal of tensions at the state border.

Kim yo jong
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About this writes “MFN”, referring to Central Telegraph Agency of Korea.

Kim Yong Chen, sister of Kim Jong-un and deputy head of the propaganda department of the Central Committee of the Labor Party of Korea, accused South Korea of ​​distributing propaganda leaflets and noted that this would not remain without a corresponding reaction. :

“I have no doubt that the South Korean government will respond seriously if it does not end this situation.”

As the DPRK politician noted, propaganda leaflets arrive in North Korean territory thanks to balloons that have just taken off from South Korea:

“If these leaflets continue to reach us, we will break the North-South treaty in the military field, which already has no value. We are also ready to stop general work on the Keson industrial park and to close the North-South liaison office. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that Sister Kim Jong-un could become the new leader of the DPRK.



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