Six-time Formula 1 champion criticized British government for failing to fight coronavirus (video)



Six-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton has issued an appeal to the British government. He criticized the authorities for having failed in the fight against the coronavirus.

“I am shocked by the way the British government behaves in the situation with the coronavirus,” wrote the British on Instagram. – We had to close the borders a month ago. How can you allow people to come to the UK from countries where testing isn’t even done. You could have saved thousands of lives. We need the best leaders! “

In addition, the Mercedes driver said his attitude towards the mass protests that racially swept across Britain.

Six-time Formula 1 champion criticized British government for failing to fight coronavirus (video)

Edward Colston (1636-1721), whose statue fell from a pedestal in Bristol

“Today I watched the news of the demolished statue of Edward Colston. The authorities wanted to transfer it to the museum. But this statue is the place in the river. 20,000 Africans died and were thrown into the sea when they were transported here. They had no burial. He stole these people from families. The country should not celebrate this! This statue should be replaced by a monument to all those he sold, to all those who died! Hamilton is sure.

Protesters against systemic racism in Bristol, UK, degraded and destroyed a bronze statue of the slave trader Edward Colston, rolling through the streets, then tossing it into the river in a wave of applause.

– ABC News (@ABC) June 7, 2020

Mass demonstrations against racism have taken place in Manchester, Nottingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh. But the Bristol rally became the liveliest: the protesters not only dumped the statue of the former member of the British parliament, Colston, as Lewis mentions, but dragged it through the streets of the city, and then drowned in the bay.

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