Sjogodnі 100-rіchchya s day populations of the head of the OUN Yaroslav Stetsko



Sjogodnі 100-rіchchya s day populations of the head of the OUN Yaroslav Stetsko

Sjogodnі 100-rіchchya s day populations of the head of the OUN Yaroslav Stetsko

05/14.2020 11:32


On May 14, 1920 in the Ternopil region was born Yaroslav Stetsko (at the birth of Anna Muzyka), who became the “iron lady” of the Ukrainian patriotic forces.

It reminds of Ukrinform.

Slava Stetsko (1920-2003) is a legendary person. She seems to have lived several lives. Ukrainian politician, journalist, political scientist, president of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists (KUN), wife of one of the OUN’s ideologues, Yaroslav Stetsko. She directed the OUN (b) during the period 1991-2001.

Since 1941, it was underground, in 1943, it fell into German dungeons. In 1944, she met Yaroslav Stetsko. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Munich. Collaboration with Stepan Bandera, Dmitry Dontsov.

She was forced to spend fifty years of her life in exile, did not return to her country until 1991, then, under a false name, she was arrested. She was fluent in Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovak and Ukrainian.

She was a workaholic until the end, during the time of the assistant, she never took a vacation. Every morning, she did exercises, swam in the pool. In almost everything, almost a military impression was felt – a proud posture, a neat hairstyle, perfect makeup, a fresh manicure. Among the bad habits, she had only one – she liked strong coffee. And the weakness of women is jewelry. I couldn’t walk calmly in front of a beautiful necklace or ring. But she never had diamonds – she was real and not an imaginary silverfish.

In Kiev, Slava Stetsko did not even have an apartment, she lived with Lesya’s niece.

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You could say she was lucky. You live in an extremely difficult, lively and almost unscathed era (except for a heart attack). To survive Ukrainian independence (“Reach out,” she said) and enter a bright eternity without witnessing a new war in which Ukrainians must again shed blood and give their lives for the independence of their homeland.

“Let my name be forgotten, but may Ukraine remain in eternity and development,” said Slava Stetsko. However, his name, as long as Ukraine lives, will never be forgotten.

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