Skorokhod declares that the test was only carried out after presentation of the BP “crust”



Skorokhod declares that the test was not carried out until after the presentation

MPP Anna Skorokhod said that she could only do an express test for the coronavirus after presenting an attached certificate.

She wrote about it in Telegram.

“The story of how I took the test. Day 1. There was a temperature of 38 in the evening, body aches, headache … I went to the clinic,” said the parliamentary.

According to Skorokhod, she was met by medical workers wearing disposable masks and gowns in the infection department, examined and said it was “not that”.

“I asked to have a test – they refused, referring to the fact that the tests were only sent to the surgeon for 100% of the symptoms, for some reason this specialist was very competent, he checked everything, including blood, and still advised me to take the test. But other doctors did not support this decision and did not take the test, “said the MP.

According to her, the next day, her condition worsened, she stopped feeling.

“I decided to take the test. I found out which labs they were doing. I called them – they said they couldn’t be turned over, they’ll be sent directly to them for analysis:” Call an ambulance, they will take a smear, “says Skorohod.

She called an ambulance and talked about the symptoms. She accepted her call and told the brigade to wait, but they then called back and said there would be no brigade and that “it was not an emergency”. At the same time, she was advised to call the family doctor, but the assistant had no contact.

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“I call again, explaining the whole situation, that a small child is not their skill. I use, as everyone believes, the darling phrase” I am a people’s deputy “, they say : the main person will call back the shift “, noted the people’s deputy.

When they called her back, they offered to go to the Bila Tserkva infectious diseases hospital: “I say: do they do PCR tests? – no, just express, but that’s all we can. “

“After thinking about it a bit and consulting with friends of the doctors, I decided to go to Aleksandrovsky hospital and have a test. Here, the crust worked (I used it, I don’t hide it) , they did rapid tests for the flu and Covid 19, they were negative. But they immediately warned me, an express test was inaccurate and the result showed symptoms on days 5-10, “she said.

Skorohod said she had requested a PCR test, but received a response that “the decision to do it is made every morning at a meeting of doctors”.

And then the assistant turned to a private clinic where he did a PCR test when he called “ambulance”. “What I did. In addition, the test itself is free, you pay for the call and the paramedical protection suits,” said the deputy.

According to her, for the call from the brigade of a private clinic, she paid 4100 UAH.

As a result, she confirmed the coronavirus.

As noted, just over a month ago, MP Anna Skorokhod gave birth to a child.

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