Skype launches new meat feature


Users will be able to create free three-click video conferencing

Save time and money: Skype has launched a new Meet Now feature. Photo: Eket

In situations of self-isolation due to the coronavirus epidemic, many audio and video communication services have become more than demand. Microsoft, still desperate to restore Skype to its former glory, decided to remind users of themselves. In response to the explosive growth in the popularity of Zoom, Microsoft has launched a new Skype service called Talk Now.

The new Skype feature allows you to create a unique link for anyone with access to the Internet. Skype announced an innovation on its Twitter.

When the user follows the link, the web version of the program opens with a video chat window, and if the application is already installed, everything will be launched and automatically connected to the conversation. The link is valid for 30 days, so the communication session can be scheduled in advance.

That is, using Meet Now, users can create free “three-click” video conferencing even without a Skype account.

Meat Now also allows you to use some of Skype’s basic functions – for example, recording videos to re-watch and blur the background so that there is no stress due to unclean rooms. In addition, conference participants can easily share presentations, documents and projects during the session. The Skype web client is already available on Windows 10, Android, iOS, MacOS and Linux.

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Remember that YouTube and Vimeo received videos from conferences held using the popular Zoom service. Schools in the public domain also had classrooms and private conversations of users.

In the video call, voices are heard and the children’s personal data is revealed, business financial reports, the patient’s name and phone number, as well as people’s intimate conversations.

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