Small and medium-sized businesses will receive financial support from the state


Ukrainians will start paying partial unemployment benefits

Ministry of Economy Announces Financial Assistance to Small Businesses Affected by COVID-19

The Ministry of Economy promised state aid to employers and workers of small and medium-sized businesses who had to leave due to partial or complete quarantine. Thus, it is possible to obtain partial unemployment benefits.

The concept of “partial unemployment” was incorporated into Ukrainian law with recently adopted law number 3275. To receive partial unemployment benefits, it is necessary to apply to the employment center instead of registration of a single contributor for compulsory state social insurance.

It is necessary to write a statement, attach a copy of the order indicating the start date of production shutdown (shortage) and list of quarantine measures, indicate information about employees entitled to appropriate allowances, and payment of salaries and ERUs. Issue a certificate of absence of loan for payment of. Formally insured persons are eligible for benefits.

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Recall, the Federation of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs conducted a survey of domestic trade to find out how it assesses the impact of the epidemic on its companies and the Ukrainian economy. The results showed that every fourth business under quarantine could survive for 2-3 months and not go bankrupt.

6% of entrepreneurs shut down the business altogether, mainly micro and small businesses falling into this category. Only 3% of the respondents indicated that their business would be able to work long hours under the required conditions.

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