Smart hidden features of things you use every day


It would be useful to take a closer look at some seemingly common things, as they may have hidden functions that you are not even aware of

Translation for Mixstuff – Svetlana Bodrick

We are used to everyday things and appreciate them for their ease of use. It is convenient to eat soup with a spoon, and listen to music on headphones. And yet, it will not take a closer look at some seemingly ordinary things, as they may have hidden functions that you are not even aware of. for example:

What is this little thing on the buckle of your bag that looks like a whistle?

This is, in fact, a whistle.

Many backpacks, especially those made for hiking, have a whistle that is built into the buckle in case of an emergency.

What are these strange bristles on the escalator?

They keep our feet away from the gap between the steps and sides of the escalator so that our feet or laces do not fall into the gap.

What is this colored tile with bumps on the pavements?

It is for the blind.

Such paving slabs are called “tactile”, convex dots on the surface warning people with visual impairment about the start of a pedestrian crossing. Vibrant tile colors can also help with vision problems.

What kind of small symbol is it in the form of a jar with an open lid, with a number written on it (or next to it) and the letter M standing, it is usually found on cosmetics?

The symbol indicates the maximum recommended duration of use, which, according to European labeling rules, “will not harm the consumer”. Usually it is 6M, 12M, 24M, 36M.

Why do we need a hole in Lego men’s head?

In case they end up in the trachea of ​​the child. Then the child will still be able to breathe thanks to the air entering through the hole, and will wait until they get their head out of there.

Why do some planes have applause?

So you can hang your coat (or anything else).

Alternatively, the hook can also be seen next to the tray table or on the sides of the seats in the cabin.

Wondered how to clean the toaster inside?

Explore below. There may be a special tray that can be taken out. Many toasters come with such crumb trays for easy cleaning. Sometimes toasters are equipped with a shutter that can be opened and crumbs added.

Why do we need a hole in a spaghetti spoon?

So that you know how much spaghetti you need to prepare a medium-sized serving.

What are holes in coffee bags?

These openings help release carbon dioxide from coffee beans. When roasted, coffee beans can release carbon dioxide for up to two weeks. If there is no one-way valve to release the gas, the coffee bag will swell and explode.

What is this lever under the rear-view mirror in the car?

He alters and weakens the reflective power of blind lights of headlights traveling behind cars. This switch can go up and down, changing the angle of the mirror.

What does the number “57” on the neck of the Heinz ketchup bottle mean?

If ketchup is not put, tap number 57 with your palm a few times, and everything will be inserted immediately. Also this number is part of the company’s advertising slogan (“57 varieties”). Although he always had more than 57 products, the number was chosen simply because it was the lucky number of company founder Henry Heinz.

Why do headphones have extra holes?

They create a vacuum in your ear to improve sound quality.

Why do some mugs have a holiday at the bottom?

So that the water in the dishwasher does not remain at the bottom, but flows freely. The bottom of the grooves also prevents the accumulation of water when they stand on the table surface.

And what is this little arrow on your fuel gauge next to the gas station icon?

This indicates which side of the car the gas tank hatch is.

Why are door handles often made of brass?

Due to its antibacterial properties. While bacteria can survive on stainless steel products for weeks, brass can kill any living cells within minutes, making it essentially self-sterilizing.


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