Smart watches can be used to detect coronaviruses


Smart Watch indicates a change in heart rate, which may be a symptom of coronavirus

Smart watches can be used to detect coronovirus: how it works

At the moment, various measures and diagnostic kits have been developed to detect coronovirus, but none of them are publicly available to a large number of users. It turns out that smartwatches can help identify symptoms without visiting medical facilities.

Apple Watch, Fitbit and Wear OS Watch cannot measure temperature. But you can regularly check the temperature yourself and enter data into Apple Health or Google Fit. After that, it will be easy to consult a doctor in case of poor health and fever.

But the main useful feature offered by such a smart watch is heart rate monitoring. The watch can alert users of possible signs of atrial tremor or respiratory failure in a dream. Some models may also show signs that the body is fighting the flu, identifying it by symptoms using special algorithms.

Fluctuations in heart rate during sleep can be an indication that your body is struggling with a coronovirus infection. Heart rate (beats per minute) may be lower, but if you are struggling with an infection it is much higher during sleep. So measuring your heart rate every day is also recommended.

This is due to vasodilation, which is responsible for the expansion of blood vessels during inflammation. As the blood vessels expand, signals are sent to the brain to increase the heart rate and provide additional blood supply to inflamed areas.

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Recall, Chinese scientists claim that they have developed a new way of combating coronovirus that causes COVID-19 infection. Researchers have found nanometers that can absorb and inactivate a virus with an efficiency of 96.5–99.9%.

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