Smoli told how the authorities put pressure on the National Bank


According to the former head of the NBU, there were calls to establish a course that would benefit a particular sector of the economy or exporters

Smolley spoke to National Bank officials about the pressure. Photo:

Pressure on the leadership of the National Bank of Ukraine was manifested in calls to increase inflation by 11% and to weaken the hryvnia by 30 UAH / dollar. This was announced by former NBU chief Yakov Smoly during a briefing, when Rada sacked him from his post.

Jacob Smolye
Former head of NBU

Is that Stressed onFor a long time, systematic political pressure and persecution was made in relation to the board of the National Bank to agree on decisions that were not economically viable and to focus on short-term simple “wins” and the Ukrainian economy. And the Ukrainians could be spent far more.

Jacob Smolye
Former head of NBU

On Friday, 3 July, Varkhovna Rada supported President Vladimir Zelensky’s proposal to dismiss Yakov Smoly as the head of the National Bank of Ukraine. The duties of the head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) will be the first deputy head of the NBU, Yekaterina Rozhkova, until a new leader is appointed.

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On 1 July, the head of the National Bank of Ukraine, Yakov Smoly, wrote and submitted a letter of resignation to the President of his own free will. In an official statement, the NBU said that the reason for Smolia’s departure was political pressure on the National Bank.

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