Solovyov declared his love for Ukrainians: an unexpected proposal to Zelensky



Famous Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov made a new expressive statement regarding Ukraine. He said he loved the Ukrainian people, but he hated the Nazis, among whom Solovyov included the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

Vladimir Soloviev
Vladimir Soloviev. Stock Photo –

Reports on this subject “MFN”, with reference to the fragment of the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”.

Solovyov noted that Zelensky has not kept his campaign promises regarding the punishment of the previous Ukrainian government. In addition, Zelensky continued and tightened the policies of his predecessors.

“Russia loves the Ukrainians, but it feels the deepest hatred of the Nazis. I share these feelings. By modern Nazis, I mean the new government in the person of Zelensky. He did nothing to punish these scum who organized a bloody massacre on the Maidan, which caused the death of Donbass and Odessa. Political terror in Ukraine continues, “said Solovyov.

He said he had an album with photos of the Donbas children and it hurt him to look at those photos. Solovyov advised Zelensky to keep such an album in his office and to think about what he was doing.

Recall, as noted earlier, that the TV channel “Russia 1” made an unexpected statement on Donbas: the Russian Federation is losing confidence in its success.



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