Solovyov publicly humiliated: Takrarov frankly about the Russian propagandist



Famous Russian athlete and actor Oleg Taktarov spoke strongly to Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. Taktarov called his job base and said he had pity for Solovyov.

Vladimir Soloviev
Vladimir Soloviev. Stock Photo –

It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” MFN “.

Taktarov said that Solovyov was a “miserable creature” and that the propagandist’s work was simply despicable. The former athlete noted that he does not hate the reporter, but rather pity.

It should be noted that Soloviev repeatedly prompted people to respond harshly to him. Recently, he clashed with sports reporter Vasily Utkin. For a series of unpleasant remarks by Solovyov, Utkin challenged him to a verbal duel, to which the propagandist only broke out with new insults and gave his refusal.

After this behavior, it is not surprising that many current and former athletes are extremely negative against Soloviev. There is a high probability that the Kremlin propagandist’s authority will further diminish due to his disrespectful behavior.

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