Solovyov tried to make fun of Zelensky: the Easter call angered the propagandist



The famous Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov was extremely surprised by the Easter address of Vladimir Zelensky to the Ukrainian people. Solovyov tried to ridicule the Ukrainian head of state.

Vladimir Soloviev
Vladimir Soloviev. Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” MFN “.

Zelensky’s appeal to the people was broadcast on the Russian program Sunday Night with Vladimirov Soloviev. In his address, Zelensky noted that Ukraine has returned to the traditions of its ancestors, because now, due to the situation with the coronavirus, people cannot take advantage of some of the amenities of civilization. Zelensky said encouraging words that overcoming challenges, people are just getting stronger and at the moment there is an opportunity to show off their best qualities. It is worth spending more time with family and working with loved ones. He noted that the common kitchen and lunch at the family table are a hundred times tastier than the food purchased.

“Sorry, but who did you choose? He announces a cookbook or what? “Said Soloviev.

He stressed that great problems await Ukraine, because there is an increase in economic problems and the coronavirus is still undefeated. Soloviev refrained from expressing constructive ideas and limited himself to criticism.

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