Some countries are willing to pay charters for Ukrainian workers – Kuleba



Some countries are willing to pay charters for Ukrainian workers - Kuleba

The demand for Ukrainian migrant workers in neighboring countries, given the start of seasonal work, is now so strong that governments are willing to pay for charter flights and paperwork for them.

This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba on the air “Snіdanku with 1 + 1”, reports a correspondent of Ukrinform.

“Now, in fact, we are already setting a high demand for Ukrainian labor migration to neighboring countries. There are already such cases where the foreign ministers of a certain number of countries call me and say to me: “Our country is ready to pay for the charters, it is ready to pay for everything and the documents” in this time, because spring, seasonal work begins, workers are needed now. We are currently studying these requests, ”said Kuleba.

According to him, the problem is that the objective of the return of our compatriots to Ukraine was environmental security. At the same time, seasonal work is very short – it lasts about a month, so migrant workers will have to return again.

In this context, Kuleba noted that no one in the world can accurately predict the evolution of the epidemiological situation, so, first of all, it is not a question of work, but of the safety of the same workers.

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In response to the host’s question, will countries requesting seasonal workers leave Ukraine to refuse, the Foreign Minister said “we think”.

According to the Worldometer website, on the morning of April 14, the total number of COVID-19 cases recorded worldwide was over 1.92 million, of which 452,402 people recovered and 119,729 died. On the morning of April 14, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Spain was 171,000, including 17,756 deaths and 64,727 recoveries. These statistics make Spain the second most affected COVID-19 country in the world after the United States.

In Ukraine, 3,372 cases of COVID-19 have been laboratory confirmed, 98 of which have been fatal, 119 patients have recovered. 270 new cases were registered per day.

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