Soon the dark mode switches to OxygenOS


of Oxygenos There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks: the Chinese company’s software settings are certainly some of the best (if not the best) on the market, but there is no perfection, it is certainly not new.

During one Q & A session happened on the official forum of the company, Oneplus For example, he admitted an almost gross flaw, but announced that he would like to fix it in the near future: we refer to the availability toggle switch it is advisable to activate or deactivate dark mode which at the moment can only be controlled in the corresponding item in the “Settings” menu, among the settings. Let’s see if this new product will also be accompanied by an automatic activation schedule, which will make the functionality even more complete.

multitasking oxygen

The news will be tested on the beta channel later this month and, therefore, are expected to be released in a stable version. Oxygenos from June to July. This will not be the only change: OnePlus also announced a new interface for multitasking (at the top you will find animations related to the new graphics), as well as sound levels and icon descriptions will be changed.

Recall also that recently the manufacturer conducted a kind of “survey” among its users, selecting some offers, such asAlways on displayto be implemented in the coming months (click here to learn more).


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